Bringing Along Baggage

Finally, after three weeks in Tijuana, the first small shipment of our belongings arrived. The larger shipment will come in another month or so.

It was a relief to find our familiar “essentials” — blankets, pots and pans, dishware. Time to switch out the “welcome kit” items the consulate provided and replace it with our own stuff.

But then I started to feel kind of disappointed. We’re replacing the four crisp royal blue coffee cups in our welcome kit with about twice as many cups of our own — and not a single one matches. The cheap dishes we bought awhile back are scratched up and clunky compared to the shiny blue and white striped ones we’ve been using. And the silverware, my heavens! Of the nice stainless steel we got from our wedding 20 years ago, we have every single salad fork, knife, and serving utensil — but only one regular fork and one small spoon. The rest are the cheap, plain forks and spoons you can buy in a box at Kroger. Our welcome kit had included a decorative matching set.

If there’s a metaphor here, it’s that, while we have brought hopes of shiny new life with us to Tijuana, we have also brought along our old stuff, some of which serves us just fine. But some of it drags us down at times. And while it’s tempting to just throw it away and buy something new, we can’t afford to. We just have to make it work.

Really, I don’t want to throw away the newspaper-related mugs or the delicate little white cup of my mom’s that holds just the right amount of coffee for me. But there’s certainly room and time to change out some of the baggage we’re tired of carrying.

All of which calls for even more trips to the beach.


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