What, No Dishwasher?

We had been told dishwashers weren’t common in Tijuana, but I was nevertheless surprised not to find one in our kitchen in the new house we were assigned. I wasted no time in noting its absence in discussing the house’s amenities on Facebook.

My friends responded this way:

“I lived in a house in Florida for 13 years. No dishwasher. I really grew to enjoy (most evenings) the ritual of washing dishes. Something very relaxing about putting your hands into hot water and washing dishes. I actually hate unloading the dishwasher, such a mechanical exercise.”

“The good news about no dishwasher – you NEVER have to empty it.”

“We have a weekend cabin on the KY River near Lexington — and our guests frequently ask why there is no dishwasher. Besides the therapeutic is the social ritual…a collective act of gratitude for more than the food…”

“We have done without a mechanical dishwasher for a few years now and it does not seem to be missed.”

By the end of the comments I was feeling lucky to live without a dishwasher, which is of course the point of living in another culture — seeing differences as opportunities, not deficits.

And while that has always been my intention, I’m learning it’s easier to preach than practice.

Working on it.


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